He had had been running from a scary fact in his life, an absolutely terrifying realization had entered the deepest most sacred part of his soul: TIt…

To those like me,

Who are as stubborn as can be,

One day you’ll meet a woman

But you’ll stay in your ways,

and fight it if you can,

You’ll feel loved and kept,

And while you felt that, she wept,

You’ll feel special and given purpose,

But one day…

My ambition was painful and brightly me.

It spoke out loud and rang between…

The hymn of love, and a chorus of dreams.

My dreams were bold and firmly told…

Remember when we went on dates,

Ate pizza,


We even ate a whole cheesecake.

Remember when those words of mine,

Could turn back the…


I’ve been cursed and blessed all the same,

I’ve found the love of my life,

And I threw it away.

But only…

Counseling Network Inc.

Professionals at making mistakes, and that’s ok ❤️.

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